Magic: The Gathering

At Cloud Giant we foster a community that welcomes new players. Our events are casual, emphasizing fun through  friendly competition. 

Cards and supplies

We've got current Magic sealed product. We also carry sleeves, deck boxes, playmats and storage boxes to keep your cards safe and sound.

We buy and sell Magic singles. We use TCGPlayer as our price guide. We buy cards at roughly half market value, and take in trades at roughly 75%.


We currently hold 2 weekly casual events. 

Wednesday Pauper: 60 card constructed decks, common rarity only. We love seeing wild and creative brews. Show us what you've got! For more information on this format, including the banned-card list, go here. Admission is $6.

Friday Night Magic: Our official FNM currently features two formats:
Booster Draft: Make a 40 card deck on the fly by drafting 3 booster packs. This is a great way to try out new play styles and to check out the latest sets and take home some new cards. Entry: $15.
Standard: Bring your 60 card constructed deck, using cards from the latest 6 Magic sets. Entry: $6.
Info on Booster Draft
Info on Standard

Event Structure and Prizes: Both events are three rounds with "Swiss" pairings. This means that even if you lose a match, you get to keep playing against players with a similar record.
At Cloud Giant we value your time and money. We don't think your entry fee should pay for top players' prizes. If you win, you'll be rewarded.
You will win 1 current booster pack or $3 store credit for each match you win. If you go 3-0 (three wins, no losses) you'll get 2 extra packs.
Plus: If you don't win any matches, but play all three, you get a pack. No one goes home empty handed.


Learn to Play

Magic is a rich and complex game that can be challenging to get into. Stop in any time we're open to get a Magic tutorial, using official Welcome Decks that you can take home with you afterward, all absolutely free.